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Residential Care & Nursing Homes in Dorset, Kent, Surrey, Sussex & Wiltshire


“Mum couldn't have had better care even if we paid £1,000 a week. It is the people who care that make the difference & your staff are an example to be admired.”

Residential Care & Nursing Homes in Dorset, Kent, Surrey, Sussex & Wiltshire

Our first care home, Agincourt, was opened in 1986 in Weymouth Dorset. Since then, our service has grown, with the Agincare brand, becoming known nationally for a range of comprehensive high quality care services, that include community meals, home care, live-in care, extra care and, of course, residential and nursing care.

In every Agincare Care Home we strive to provide a warm, friendly and stimulating environment for all; communities that offer activity, independence and, most importantly, the choice to live their lives the way they really want to.

Central to everything we do is to treat people as individuals, which we call person-centred care. This means we take the time to build a relationship with every resident, listening to their stories, learning all about their lives, to create a picture of the whole person.

Whilst each of our care homes is unique in style, setting and type of care it delivers, they all operate to the same values - providing a safe, welcoming home at a fair price.

We invite you to have a look round Maumbury Care Home

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