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"Agincare is committed to supporting people with dementia to live as independent & full lives as possible". Raina Summerson - CEO

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Our philosophy

Agincare is a family business built on strong family values. The founder and Chairman takes a personal interest in the way each home is run to ensure it maintains the core values he set over 30 years ago. These values remain as strong and relevant today as they have in the past - a homely, warm and welcoming approach, high quality, choice and independence.

Cornerstones of Care

Our aim is to provide the highest possible standard of care to all our residents, by providing an environment that they feel is their home. We achieve this by putting in place a number of core things:

Person-centred care

We take the time to get to know a resident, their history, likes and dislikes - in order to build up a picture of them. We can then work with them to design care and support around their needs, so that they remain firmly in charge of everything.  We call this person-centred care.

Highly trained staff

We provide our staff with high levels of training and experience but, perhaps more importantly, a set of values that allows them to empathise with residents and tailor care around their needs, concerns and desires.

Social life and leisure

We believe that social and leisure aspects of life are an integral part of care, which should be all about achieving maximum independence and helping people to have some fun!

A pleasant environment

We continually review our properties not only to ensure high standards of maintenance but also to provide a pleasant, homely and stimulating environment.


We understand the importance of a balanced, nutritional diet, but also making mealtimes a sociable and enjoyable occasion.

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