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Edgehill Care Home

Buttermere, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN3 6LF
T: 01793 641189 F: 01793 491815 E:

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Edgehill Care Home

Here at Edgehill Care Home we offer a happy and relaxing environment that can provide you with peace of mind, security, personalised care, support and stimulation.

We aim to strike the right balance between caring and supporting you as an individual with all the benefits of living in a community. We know the importance of good nutrition in helping to maintain health and wellbeing and therefore aim to make mealtimes an occasion - opportunities to enjoy the company of fellow residents, friends and family.

All our staff are highly trained and experienced in providing care in a sensitive way that respects people’s privacy and dignity. In particular, each one is skilled in caring for people suffering from dementia. We always see the person not the condition! We never forget that this is your home and that we are merely guests (hopefully welcome ones!) in it.

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