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End-of-Life or Palliative Care from Agincare

“Thank you to the manageress and staff of the Crecy Care Home for all their help through Mollie’s years of suffering” Daughter

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End-of-Life or Palliative Care

Coming to terms with a person's end of life is something that most people find very difficult to face. We understand how very difficult and emotional these situations are and try to give the best quality of life for both residents and their families by providing active, holistic, compassionate end of life care for chronically and terminally ill people.

Palliative care is often associated with end-of-life care and is the active care of residents whose condition no longer responds to treatment. It aims to control pain and other symptoms, easing suffering and enhancing the life that remains.

Compassionate, individual care

We give 24-hour specialist end of life care in comfortable, homely environments. Our multi-disciplinary teams work with residents, friends and families, carers, GPs and community nurses to provide a holistic care package, managing wellbeing while controlling pain and other symptoms. In particular, Agincare end-of-life care focuses on:

  • Relief from suffering by helping to manage the physical symptoms such as pain, sickness, tiredness or loss of appetite
  • Psychological care and emotional support to cope with the complex feelings experienced around death and bereavement
  • Practical support and advice from our caring staff
  • Spiritual care addressing the spiritual or religious needs of residents and families
  • Understanding a resident’s wishes in advance should their health start to deteriorate
  • Care for the family, giving practical and emotional support before and after the death of the resident

What to expect in an Agincare care home

While each of our homes has its own individual style and range of facilities, they all give security, independence, and the very best expert care. At an Agincare care home you’ll find:

  • Expert, personal care 24-hours a day
  • Comfortable, homely accommodation
  • Daily activities to stimulate body and mind
  • A freshly-prepared, nutritionally balanced menu
  • Laundry and cleaning services

Bereavement services

Making the necessary plans for end-of-life can be a difficult, traumatic process. We recognise this and offer the services of a trusted professional bereavement service to provide sensitive and practical support. Chester Pearce Associates have wide experience helping families through the bereavement process in a sensitive and highly personal way.

All of our homes, whether nursing care or not, aim to provide a home for life. We work closely with health professionals to ensure that wherever possible people remain in their home with staff they know and trust. We provide training and support to staff in end of life care and link in with specialist bereavement care professionals.

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