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Alzheimer’s Disease

Friday 7 December is Support #Elfday

Agincare is proud to be unleashing our inner elf by dressing up – as much as we possibly can across all of our company. From home care offices, to care homes and staff in our individual head office teams, we’re all taking part and prizes for the best dressed team are on offer!

What is Elf Day?

Elf Day is the festive fundraiser created by the Alzheimer’s Society to help get you in the Christmas spirit whilst raising money to help beat dementia.

Connecting people with the past

For those residents at Crecy Care home in Weymouth who aren’t always as able to get out and about there is always something going on to keep them entertained whether it be puzzles, dominoes, blow-up skittles, ball games, daily newspapers, pampering and live musical entertainment.

Dementia awareness week……

Residents celebrated this week with various events from afternoon tea parties to cake competitions followed by old time music and dancing. Fun was had by all especially some of the ladies who went back to their WI days and were the judges for all the beautiful creations that were made. Most afternoons’s ended in us singing around the dining room tables stuffed to the gills! Agincourt has now introduced fruity Friday at the home; residents choose which fruit they fancy for afternoon snacks and we nip to the local shop to pick it up.

Our lovely new kitchens

Now that we have our main communal area back we were able to have a lovely Easter. We had our Easter Bonnet parade on Good Friday (everyone had chocolate and all the hats looked lovely.) Residents enjoyed a visit from the Easter Bunny on the Sunday and on Easter Monday we had a musical afternoon with ‘Musical Memories’ playing all the old favourites.

A beautiful poem from the wife of a Resident at Gainsborough Care Home

You've been the love of my life for 50 plus years 
We've had laughter, joy and just a few tears
We have travelled a lot
Been here and there
And on the whole life was quite fair
Until the day you had your first stroke
I was scared and worried — it was no joke
Then Mr. Alzheimers entered our life
You didn't even know that I was your wife
You got progressively worse, your mind went blank
You couldn't remember things and to be frank

Specialist dementia care nursing support at Gainsborough Care & Nursing Home

Agincare, in conjunction with Dementia UK, have appointed Agincare’s Jo Palmer as the UK’s first ‘Consultant Admiral Nurse’ as part of a drive to push up the standards of Care for high dependency dementia care and clinical nursing care. 

Admiralty nurses seek to improve the quality of life for people with dementia and their carers.

Who will you walk for?

Memory Walk - fighting dementia together!  Agincare are organising a Memory Walk along the Rodwell Trail on Sunday 12th October starting from Admiralty Buildings, Castletown at 11.00 am to raise money for Alzheimer's Society.

Join us so we can fight dementia together. Alzheimer's Society Leading the fight against dementia.

Donate now via just giving

Dementia UK appoints the UK’s first 'Consultant Admiral Nurse', Agincare's own Jo Plamer

Agincare, in conjunction with Dementia UK,  have appointed Agincare’s Jo Palmer as the UK’s first 'Consultant Admiral Nurse' as part of the drive to push up the standards of care for high dependency dementia care and clinical nursing care across Agincare’s 12 care homes, live-in care and home care services. 

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