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Agincare buys Peterhouse

Date Published: 
Thursday, December 6, 2018 - 11:45

Agincare has bought Peterhouse in Bexhill, East Sussex; a leading Retirement Complex which incorporates a Nursing and Residential Care Home, sheltered housing flats and a day centre.

NABS the advertising and media industry’s charity decided to sell due to a significant decrease in demand from within the industry for a NABS-run retirement complex.

As soon as Chairman Derek Luckhurst and CEO Raina Summerson visited Peterhouse they knew that it was a very special place and fits in perfectly to the growing number of Agincare Care and Nursing homes situated along the South Coast.

Raina stated "We are so pleased to become the new owners and we greatly look forward to working with the existing staff members and getting to know tenants, residents and visitors in the coming months".

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