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A busy November at Gainsborough

Date Published: 
Monday, November 6, 2017 - 17:45

Welcome to Gainsborough Care Home and in this months edition, we will be looking into what the residents have been getting up to, and what they have planned for the coming months. It’s certainly going to be a busy one…

Although the seasons have changed and its feeling much cooler, our residents have still been taking advantage of the autumn sun and enjoying trips out and about in Dorset, making good use of our residents mini bus. Trips this month have included a stop at a local beauty spot to admire the views across to Arne and beyond. Unfortunately it was just a little too cold this time for ice cream

An in house activity for Halloween included scooping out pumpkins and carving spooky faces, this was a very enjoyable activity and both residents and staff held a competition for the best pumpkin…of course nothing went to waste and our Cook made a delicious pumpkin soup for the evening.  

We also made S’mores Pops, which is a classic American campfire treat made up of roasted marshmallow.  Our residents were covered in chocolate, but thoroughly enjoyed the activity.  Certainly something we will be doing more often…For those of you who don’t know what they are, basically they are Marshmallows on lolly sticks dipped in melted chocolate and crushed digestive biscuit. S’mores Pops are a delicious treat on a stick.  And certainly DO try them at home!    

Our firework night party was a great success and included an afternoon story of Guy Fawks and his plot followed by the annual Gainsborough Care Home firework display with Jacket potatoes, hot dogs, sausages and baked beans, as well as musical entertainment. A very popular evening at the home and was very enjoyable.

Christmas at Gainsborough Care Home is set to be the biggest and best yet! We have a Christmas fair on Wednesday the 13th Dec at 2pm where a raffle will be held, a long with various stalls selling delicious cakes and mulled wine. We will also be supporting the Alzheimer’s society with “Elf Day” where all staff will come to work in Elf attire – were certainly looking forward to this day and should be full of laughs.

Our Pantomime this year will be Mother Goose which is coming to Gainsborough on December 18th, everybody welcome….the more the merrier. 

On Christmas morning we are fortunate enough to have a local and very enthusiastic entertainer joining us to sing and dance and ensure that all are in the festive spirit!!

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