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Connecting people with the past

Date Published: 
Friday, October 26, 2018 - 09:45

For those residents at Crecy Care home in Weymouth who aren’t always as able to get out and about there is always something going on to keep them entertained whether it be puzzles, dominoes, blow-up skittles, ball games, daily newspapers, pampering and live musical entertainment.

One of the activities enjoyed by all is the Memory Box; a memory box is a time capsule that connects an individual or group of people with the past through the items that the box contains. There are many benefits to creating a memory box for a person with dementia. They help with bringing back memories and are great for helping with communication.

Memory boxes can be used to help you encourage the person to talk about the objects in the box. What memories does the person have about the items? Use the items to ask questions about their connection with the item and allow them time to think and talk about what connects them to the time or event.

In most cases a person suffering with memory loss will lose their short-term memory but retain their long-term memories. This is why using a memory box can help bring back happy memories and events from their past.

This can help to stimulate their long-term memory and also help with communication between you and the person.

A new box is delivered each month and the residents are able to explore the contents and reminisce, items could include old tools or ration books, ladies silk stockings, an old sailor’s hat or posters from days gone by. Should your family member have any pictures or personal belongings they would like in their room please do not hesitate to bring them in; the more familiar items people have access to the more settled and content they will be in their surroundings.

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