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International women's day Naseby Care Home

Date Published: 
Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 12:45

Christine came to live at Naseby on 29/01/2018 after being diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia in October 2017. Christine is the youngest residents aged 69. Christine made friends with several of our residents and in particular Phyllis.

Phyllis and Christine spent every day with each other and never left one another until they retired to bed. They spent their day helping fold napkins and checking with other residents if they would like a cup of tea. They could also be found walking around the home getting each other into mischief they were nicknamed the mischievous two. After meals Christine is always there helping the staff to clear the tables and taking the crockery to the kitchen. Christine will also inform staff if any of the residents in the lounge need any assistance.

Sadly Phyllis had a severe stroke last week and was rushed to hospital. Each morning Christine would ask how she was and we would reply she was still poorly. On Tuesday 6th March Phyllis sadly passed away after not responding to any treatment she received. We sat Christine down and explained to her what had happen to her friend Phyllis. Christine was very sad for Phyllis and asked if she could buy some flowers to put in the lounge so all the other residents could remember her by and also asked if they could all sing some songs for her as along with our other residents they loved to just sing any time of the day. Naseby is always full of song as one will start to sing and the other join in.

I purchased a bunch of flowers for Phyllis and Christine spent the afternoon arranging them in a vase this she did by herself and she was very pleased to take them to the lounge and tell the other residents that these were for Phyllis who could no longer be with us and that they would sing songs for her.

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