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Spring activities at Agincourt

Date Published: 
Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 10:30

As spring is marching on we have again this quarter been discussing what flowers all the residents would like to see in the window boxes and garden, we will soon start to commence with the planting and making the garden beautiful and fit for summer use again. The home has been kindly given a donation from Mrs Farmer for somthing to be bought for the garden for the residents to enjoy, after a residents meeting everyone has decided on the addition of a bird table so that everyone can enjoy watching the birds and whiling the hours away.

Pat Dogs and Parrotts….

Agincourt have been visited by our regular pat dogs Creci and Ernie, they never fail to bring a smile to everyones faces and the residents love nothing more than cuddling up with them on the sofa. We also included a surprise visit from a Macaw parrott, this made a change from the regular owl visits and everyone enjoyed their beautiful plumes.. even the care manager managed to grab a quick photo oppertiunity, we all enjoyed it so much we have asked them to visit again… or maybe get one for the home… you never know!!!

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