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Success at Crecy

Date Published: 
Friday, October 26, 2018 - 09:45

Everyone likes a success story and here at Crecy we had two during July, two of our male residents moved out of Crecy back into the community; one moving back to Dorchester the other to Christchurch. Both gentlemen returned to their own properties where they are able to live independently, albeit with a care package in place.  Moving from Crecy will give both of them the independence they both longed for and the team here at Crecy worked so hard to support them in! This is not a first for Crecy we have previously had people return to live independently in the community.

The “cottage” as it is known (pictured), is accommodation for people who are more independent, they have their own fully equipped kitchen a large lounge/diner which has recently been refurbished along with a walk-in wet room.  These residents are able to come and go from Crecy as they wish through their own front door. It is an area of the home where people are supported to become more independent with a long-term goal of returning to the community.

The “cottage” is made up of six rooms.  These residents have access to the main house and all its facilities but are encouraged to be as independent as possible, preparing their own breakfast/snacks and tidying up afterwards; doing their own laundry and being responsible for their own medication which ensures they are ready to leave Crecy when the time is right.

All staff at Crecy wish them well.

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