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Thank you to Wroughton Junior School

Date Published: 
Thursday, May 10, 2018 - 13:00

We are always looking for and welcome opportunities to work with the local community. Back in January Katie Jarvis, a teacher from Wroughton Junior School contacted us. She was keen to give some of the school’s more reluctant readers a sense of purpose but also make some meaningful community links. She wanted to try and set up monthly visits to our care home with the idea that pupils could come and share their books with some of our residents. We felt it was a wonderful idea and the first reading group visited on 6th February. The idea is very much a work in progress; Katie sits with a group of our residents and the children, runs a story time and then each pupil has the chance to read on a one to one with a resident. This helps to give the children a real sense of purpose with their reading as well as it being a positive experience for everyone and a chance to interact with someone new. We are working closely with Katie to develop this intergenerational contact further and would like to thank Wroughton Junior School.

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